PlayStation games on Steam go up in price in some regions and will be up to 26% more expensive

That Sony is working hard to gain a foothold in the PC video game market is something that, at this point, is 100% undeniable. After having brought many of their hits, such as Returnal or Marvel’s Spider-Man to our platform, the Japanese company prices will go up in several regions, and the increases are not small depending on where you live.

arriving up to 26% of increase in the price of the games, there are increases of between 5 and 10 dollars per game. Of course, it all depends on where you live. if you live in Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea or Japanyou will see how the cost of all the company’s games has skyrocketed for you.

luckily this does not affect us in Spain, where prices were already adjusted to reflect production costs. Industry analysts had already warned that this could be a reality throughout this year, bringing price increases not only for video games, but also for subscription services.

The price increases for PlayStation games on Steam are as follows:

  • Argentina: from 4199-5999 pesos to 8499-9999 pesos.
  • Canada: from $59.99-69.99 to $64.99-79.99.
  • Chili: from 32000-39500 pesos to 35000-42000 pesos.
  • China: from 279-379 yuan to 345-414 yuan.
  • Colombia: from 159,000-194,000 pesos to 184,000-219,000 pesos.
  • Japanese: from 4900-6490 yen to 6490-7590 yen.
  • South Korea: from 45880-58800 won to 52800-62800 won.

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What is most surprising about this is that the increase has not been announced by the multinational, contrary to what happened with the price increase suffered by its consoles. Again, if you live in Spain (or in Europe and the US in general), it is very unlikely you have to worry about this trend, at least for now.

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