Playing all the Epic Games games you have on Steam Deck without touching is very easy, and I teach you how to do it in a few steps

If you’re playing on PC, there’s a good chance that aside from your Steam library, you have a lot of games on the Epic Games Store. The Epic Games store, between its discounts and free games, has given us a good catalog, and it’s a shame to miss it. But,what about steam deck? Well, despite the fact that Epic’s launcher can be launched on SteamOS, there is an easier and better way to use your games on the Valve laptop, and also those of GOG.

Because yes, in Steam Deck you can perfectly install the Epic client, but the process is somewhat tedious, especially in what has to do with games, and it does not include GOG titles. Thanks to an open source project Known as the Heroic Games Launcher, you’ll be able to skip a lot of steps and play your Epic Games titles from SteamOS like nothing.

Starting with the first, what is Heroic Games Launcher? It is a light client for Linux focused on games from Epic Games and GOG. Focused on privacy, use few resources and the use of Protonthe compatibility layer that the Steam Deck uses to run the titles.

Install Heroic Games Launcher couldn’t be easierand you can do it in just 3 steps:

  1. Enter to desktop mode from the Steam Deck.
  2. open your discovery lists and search for Heroic Games Launcher. install it.
  3. Open Heroic Games Launcher, go to Optionsthen General and select “Automatically add games to Steam”.

With this you will already have the client installed to be able to use it and add the video games to your Steam client automatically. Now what you would have left would be to add your Epic Games and GOG accounts to the launcher and start installing the games. Fortunately, this is also very easy.

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In order to add your accounts and set up the whole shed, you will also have it very easy. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Click on “Shops” in the left menu.
  • Log in to your accounts Epic and GOG.
  • In your library, click the refresh button to see all your games.
  • Now go to “Wine Manager” in the left menu and install the latest Wine-GE and Proton-GE.
  • Decide the game you want to download, search for it and the 3-dot menu that you will see at the top right and check its compatibility.
  • A ProtonDB window will open, search for the game you want to install, check that it is compatible and returns to the client to download and install it.
Heroic Games Launcher Image

Once you do this, you can return to the Steam Deck game mode and you will have your title ready to be played without problems. To cast them, do it as you would with any other steam game. Everything in order to be able to enjoy the free games that Epic Games gives us, now also on Deck!

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