PC Game Pass announces 6 games for March with the perfect excuse not to get off the terror of Dead Space

PC Game Pass has carved out an important niche for itself in the video game industry. Although we now know it separately from its sister for the console version, it is nothing more than a visual and business differentiation, because there is no extra or cons for choosing one or the other. And, as you might expect considering that this is the first week of Marchhere go the games that Microsoft adds to the catalog.

As always, this third month of 2023 is full of huge day one releases like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that arrived on March 3, but also a good list of games that have already seen the light of day, but are being added for the first time. time to service Total, 6 games are those that are added this month, and although they seem few, they are spectacular.

PC Games Game Pass March 2023

As you can see, the list is extremely interesting, especially after Dead Space Remake. The second and third parts of Isaac Clarke’s horror odyssey will be available in just 3 days as part of the alliance between Microsoft and Electronic Arts, although only through Cloud Gaming.

Games leaving PC Game Pass on February 15