Passing Dark Souls 3 without walking is possible, but also a festival of pain, suffering and glitches demonstrated on video

Knowing that Dark Souls III has been completed in a thousand ways by now (with drums, bananas or voice commands, for example) it shouldn’t surprise us so much that someone has come up with another hilarious way to complete the adventure. But how can we not be stunned to see someone kill Gael, from the DLC, without walking? Any of us get stuck even playing normally.

To achieve this feat, content creator ymfah on Youtube has disabled the mapping of the walk action of the left stick of the controller and has chosen the bandit as starting class to follow a strategy throughout the course: use weapons to move. The normal attack of the dagger is used to move slowly, and the aim of the bow, to turn. The ability quick step helps you ignore damage in 1vs duels. 1 and to cross the Farron swamp without being poisoned, for example.

It goes without saying that this way of playing gives rise to a series of inconveniences that we don’t even think about on a regular basis. For example, you can’t go down a ladder because the left stick doesn’t work for you so you can just jump through the gap. If this is too high, you hit the ground and the screen appears. game over; unless you use cheats like exiting the game while falling. In that case, the game loads with you downstairs, safe and sound. There are a handful of situations like that, really fun to watch.

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Similarly, it is also not possible to climb stairs, and several of them are mandatory. so play force glitches or shortcuts to skip entire zones in the journey to defeat the four lords. Also manipulate the physics of the game while some friends invade your world so that you can go through certain doors, for example. And if you’re left wanting more, ymfah has more videos like that on his channel, like completing Dark Souls II without talking to any NPCs. More difficult than you think.