Overwatch 2’s new Roadhog is going to be very different than we remember him from 2016, and the community is divided

Without a doubt, the most radical change that Overwatch 2 had compared to the original was the 5 vs. 5, with a single tank anchoring the team This forced Blizzard to rebalance or completely redesign many of the characters in that role, although even today (half a year after launch) we still have some heroes who haven’t quite adjusted to the change. roadhog is one of them, and if you keep an eye on the current game, you will know that this debt will be settled soon.

The Californians had communicated in the past that the Australian tank was not working to their liking, so changes were coming; and although its destructive potential has already been reduced with a patch mid-season that lowered the classic hook plus shotgun combo to the face (untouched since 2016 until now) we would still have more radical changes on the horizon. On Twitter, user Naeri —referring to everything related to OW— collects nuances in this regard.

“The Overwatch 2 team is looking into how the Roadhog redesign will affect players,” he says. “This means that Roadhog is becoming a tank that fits well in the team, instead of one self-sufficient“. It is a quote rescued from the character designer Alec Dawson of Blizzard, so users have come to contribute their impressions and ideas. Several of them agree to maintain the fantasy of the apocalyptic man leaving a toxic cloud after using his inhaler, for example.

Naeri X's tweet

With Season 4 underway, it’s hard to tell when the roadhog changes to Overwatch 2. But the idea of ​​bringing him closer to the rest of the team instead of keeping him as the off tank which was in OW1, with its pluses and minuses, it seems so necessary that it will end up arriving. According to Overbuff, Roadhog is currently only played in 2.72% of non-competitive games, which is not bad, but its KDA is very low (3.88) compared to its peers (6.5 from D. Va , Sigma 5.23).

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