Obsidian returns with force and the Japanese is on the rise

Starting a new week is never easy, but PC game releases help us do it with enthusiasm. As usual, today I bring you the most relevant releases for the next 7 days, and pay attention if you are a fan of Japanese, because you have a lot of material this time.

The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition

Outer World Image

  • Genders): RPG, first person
  • Release date: 7 of March
  • Available in: Steam and Epic Games

It’s not just a DLC edition, but The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment’s first-person RPG is back stronger and better than ever. With this edition that not only includes the DLCs, but also brings better graphicsperformance improvements and mechanical changes that seek to bring a better experience.

PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo

Paranormasight Image

  • Genders): horror, visual novel
  • Release date: March 8
  • Available in:Steam

This horror visual novel from Square Enix prompts you to answer a thorny question: “How far would you go to revive someone?” This paranormal adventure with Japanese touches is quite badass and will lead you to investigate mysterious deaths and suicides behind which there is more than meets the eye.

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PROJECT ZERO: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Project Zero Image

  • Genders): horror
  • Release date: March 9
  • Available in:Steam

The remastering of this horror masterpiece is here. The Project Zero saga (or Fatal Frame across the pond) brings you terrifying Japanese ghosts that you can only deal with through the target of your camera. Remastering its fourth installment, which never left Japan, it is the first time that we can enjoy this survival horror in our lands.

The Good Life – Behind the secret of Rainy Woods

Good Life Image

  • Genders): narrative
  • Release date: March 9
  • Available in:Steam

SWERY65’s peculiar game, The Good Life, brings more content with its new DLC. You’re going to have to find out More Rainy Woods Mysteries through the character of Elizabeth Dickens. With this new content, you will have other missions to delve even deeper into this very curious town.