NVIDIA’s solution to the low VRAM problem is not to add more memory, but to launch another exclusive AI

Video games are improving by leaps and bounds, and while many of the additions have uses that can be extrapolated to, for example, computer-generated imagery (CGI) rendering, video game research pays a lot of money. Now, with NVIDIA in the eye of the hurricane and in a constant tug of war with the competition due to the lack of modern graphics above 10 GB of VRAM, the same company comes to the fore with the neural texture compressionto offer better textures with less weight.

This technology is based on a highly novel AI compression algorithm, as added by the VideoCardz portal, which would give developers the ability to offer resolutions 4 times higher than standard texture compression. The algorithm, unique to NVIDIA, would use a low bit rate compressionwith better image quality than advanced image compression techniques such as AVIF and JPEG XL.

NVIDIA’s work seeks to fully attack the increased demand for storage and memory of the latest generation games. A serious problem that limits our gaming experience to the amount of memory in the GPUs, so this algorithm would blur that limit with textures of better quality at lower cost. In other words, many graphics cards will be able to run at resolutions above 2K without a lot of effort.

To give an example, the Californian company has shared a series of images used in its internal tests with textures at resolutions 4096x4096p. Without any compression, the texture is around 171 MB, while using neural texture compression, it maintains the same resolution, adds some noise, but reduces its size to 3.8MB. In the case of standard compression, the resolution is reduced to 1024x1024p, which results in an equally small file size (just 4 MB), but with poorer quality.

Random Access Neural Compression

BC (Standard Compression) NTC (NVIDIA Neural Texture Compression) Image. nvidia

This, however, is a double-edged blade for both the company and the players. On the one hand, it is an important compression method that broadens the umbrella of exclusive technologies from NVIDIA. However, there is a lot of concern among the gaming community about a “patch” and an exclusivity that will imply a significant price increase of future generations of NVIDIA graphics just because of this AI.

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