New World changes its business model and announces all the content that will come to the MMORPG in 2023

Amazon Games has announced a major update for the future of New World: its successful MMORPG moves to the seasons model imminently, with the release of Fellowship & Fire (Brotherhood and Fire in Spanish) on March 28. You will be able to see their news first hand in the test server before that, from Thursday, February 23; although from 3DJuegos we can tell you several things about it.

After a presentation event, the NW developers confirm that they plan to launch a new season every three months roughly, along with a season pass—with one free and one premium rewards lane, as is customary in the industry—to go with it. Each of these cycles will have his own story with quest lines associated events, as well as limited-time events and debut functionalities or features.

You should know that “a good part” of the missions and achievements associated with the seasons will disappear when their corresponding cycle ends, so you will do well to give them some priority as they appear. The good news is that practically all this content will be available from the moment the current update arrives, so you won’t have to wait for those responsible to distribute them with a dropper.

Here are some clarifications about the season passalso:

  • It has 100 levels of rewards
  • Each level has rewards for both lanes (free and paid)
  • The premium lane costs about 20 dollars in in-game currency
  • You recover approximately 40% of its total cost when raising it
  • The purchase of the premium lane is retroactive
  • Level 25 requirement for the premium pass
  • Includes pets, skinschests of weapons and materials, power-ups…

New World in 2023: seasons and expansions

New World Roadmap (Amazon Games)

New World’s roadmap for this year brings with it (barring delays or unforeseen situations) four seasons of content plus an expansion coming in the fall, modeled, we assume, on Brimstone Sands. Brotherhood and Fire It is the first batch of news on the list, and as we said above, it arrives on March 28; In addition to the Season Pass, it will encompass a new expedition called the Empirical Forge and a story of its own.

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The latter orbits around the character of Grace O’Malley, one of the NPCs that has accompanied us in Aeternum since the version vanilla of the game. He is part of a group of guardians and protectors called Silver Crows, whose adventure will be reported over the next few months. The team’s first contractor is Skye, who seeks to hunt down a powerful sorcerer and his host of lackeys. The mechanical innovations that it carries will also evolve over time.