more than 44 million euros in budget and 6 years of development

The world of MMOs is constantly expanding, although standing out in the genre is difficult. Of course, when there are projects like Bellatores, a South Korean MMO with Unreal Engine 5 as a graphics engine and a development of none other than 6 years behind his back, our skin stands on end learn more about its gameplay.

Massively multiplayer appeared on the radar of many back in 2017, when Nyou began its development. Although it remained 3 years without a name, the first version of Bellatores was called Project N1 in 2020, to change again a couple of years later to the one we all know today.

A development of more than five years in which Bellatores has remained a bet that is not very difficult to market in an extremely competitive genre. What he proposes to us MMORPG is a medieval fantasy world with careful graphics, elements PvP and PvEas well as decisions and political activities that will mark the future of history.

According to the MeinMMO colleagues from the development team interview for WCCFTech, Bellatores will also incorporate dungeons and Raids, as well as mounts or hunting. Also, the game will feature a very strong economy that It will depend entirely on the players.something that should be measured to the millimeter to avoid the most obvious problems.

Bellatores (Nyou)

Image: Nyou

The German colleagues show that the game, serving Nyou’s investors, would have cost more than €44 million. Although this information is dated 2020, it is very likely that the number has increased considerably, so the Koreans will bet everything on a launch in style.

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But when will it arrive? We don’t know for sure, but the Korean team is betting on a 2024 premiere. At the moment, the only information we have is that it will be released in pc and mobile devices. That yes, attending to the last steps of Amazon Games with Throne and Liberty, a publisher like the Americans in international territory would come from pearls to the Korean game.