Misfortunes do not stop happening to Dark and Darker, and this time they are in the crosshairs of very powerful cyber-attackers

Having gone turboviral last year, Dark and Darker, the title that mixes medieval fantasy with a magical Escape From Tarkov, is not having its prime. After getting into legal trouble with their former bosses, now the game developers warn that they are being victims of attacks during your new game testing session.

Last month we already talked about how IRONMACE, the studio behind this complicated game, was fighting with Nexon, the previous company of its creators. This led to the company having to pull its game from Steam and get the police involved, but that did not discourage them nor did he get his new public test cancelled.

Carrying out these new test sessions via torrents, the ingenious Korean developers have been giving the possibility to try their title again for the last few days. Of course, despite the fact that they are receiving many players and feedbackthere are also those who want trip them up even in this aspect of his work.

“We have been victims of an unbelievably sophisticated and powerful DDoS attack from the beginning of our tests. We apologize for the inconvenience caused”, say the IRONMACE workers through the official Dark and Darker Discord. Still, this hasn’t stopped them from giving up, and not only are the tests continuing, but the developers continue to release updates for the game’s alpha.

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Despite this, many players are worried that this may be the last time they try the controversial RPG. What will happen to the legal situation of IRONMACE vs. Nexon? Will the attacks continue? Will these indie creators throw in the towel in the face of the big problems they are facing? For now, time will tell.

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