League of Legends skins and champions offers for the week of March 6

One more week, we are here to talk about LoL. Every 7 days, Riot Games renews its list of offers within the MOBA to bring us cheaper skins and champions than normal. With 5 characters and 15 skins on sale, today we have to talk about which are those of the first week of March.

LoL champions and skins on offer

lowered champions

As always, here are the 5 champions that have discounts this week. This time, we have a rotation with a Modest medium to high pickrate, but without becoming one of the most chosen by the players. This could be your opportunity to get a champion that you didn’t have much in mind in the meta, but that you still wanted!

  • camille (438 RP, 55% off)
  • Fiora (352 RP, 60% off)
  • illaoi (395 RP 55% off)
  • Nami (484 RP, 45% off)
  • Taric (234 RP, 60% off)

This is Milio from League of Legends: abilities, release date and history of the new champion

discounted skin

As to discounted skins, as usual here you have the 15 of this week. There is not much to comment on, so it is your turn to review the list and see if the one that you have been wanting for a long time is among the discounted ones. Of course, there are some that are very, very cool.

Anivia 8 Webp 85
Caitlyn 13 Webp 85
Cassiopeia 3 Webp 85
Draven 1 Webp 85

origami anime

975 RP (27% off)

Caitlyn pool party

675 RP (50% off)

mythical cassiopeia

390 RP (60% off)

Soulstealer Draven

540 RP (60% off)

Evelynn 32 Webp 85
Gangplank 23 Webp 85
Leesin 41 Webp 85
Orianna 3 Webp 85

Evelynn spiritual blossom

975 RP (27% off)

gangplank the traitor

877 RP (35% off)

Lee Without Zenit Games

975 RP (27% off)

steel orianna

487 RP (50% off)

Shaco 5 Webp 85
Skarner 4 Webp 85
Thresh 28 Webp 85
Trundle 1 Webp 85

shaco madhouse

633 RP (35% discount)

Skarner guardian of the sands

390 RP (60% off)

Steel Dragon Thresh

944 RP (30% off)

trundle little batter

286 RP (45% off)

Twitch 8 Webp 85
Xinzhao 6 Webp 85
Vladimir 21 Webp 85

omega squad twitch

540 RP (60% off)

Xin Zhao secret agent

585 RP (40% off)

Vladimir Cosmic Devourer

675 RP (50% off)