League of Legends skins and champions offers for the week of March 13

New week, new rotation. Once again, LoL updates its store with a lot of discounts. With 5 discounted champions and 15 skins offer, starting today you have a new batch of offers to take advantage of if you want to get the most out of your RPs and not waste your savings.

LoL champions and skins on offer

lowered champions

Below you have this week’s discounted champions. As you can see, this time we don’t have characters with high pickratesbut precisely this discount can make paying attention to your curiosity worthwhile and discover a champion that you would not play otherwise.

  • Renata Glasc (663 RP, 35% off)
  • rengar (352 RP, 60% off)
  • Xerath (395 RP 32% off)
  • Vel’Koz (440 RP 50% off)
  • zyra (440 RP, 44% off)

discounted skin

These are the 15 skins that are discounted this week. Have up to 60% discount andn a wide variety of aspects. If you decide to unlock Xerath because he’s on sale, you’ll also be able to get a cheaper skin from him for a limited time.

Darius 43 Webp 85
Draven 39 Webp 85
Gangplank 2 Webp 85
Irelia 4 Webp 85

Darius spiritual blossom

975 RP (27% off)

draven scary night

975 RP (27% off)

militiaman gangplank

208 RP (60% off)

Frostblade Irelia

487 RP (50% off)

Jax 13 Webp 85
Jhin 2 Webp 85
Karthus 10 Webp 85
Ornn 1 Webp 85

Jax divine staff

675 RP (50% off)

blood moon jhin

607 RP (55% off)

Infernal Karthus

675 RP (50% off)

ornn lord of thunder

540 RP (60% off)

Qiyana 20 Webp 85
Ryze 20 Webp 85
Shaco 6 Webp 85
Thresh 1 Webp 85

Qiyanna Lightning Blade

877 RP (35% discount)

arcane ryze

1012 RP (25% off)

masked shaco

483 RP (55% discount)

Thresh terror of the deep

390 RP (60% off)

Victor 14 Webp 85
Xerath 1 Webp 85
Yone 26 Webp 85

Viktor alone in the face of danger

877 RP (35% discount)

Runeborn Xerath

375 RP (50% off)

Yone song of the ocean

877 RP (35% discount)

Remember that tomorrow you will have the next one free champion rotation For now, these sales will last until next week. If you want to take advantage of the discounts, keep in mind that they will end next Monday the 20th March at 7:00 p.m. (peninsular time)