kill you from an Adava Kedabra, but they are afraid of success

Hogwarts Legacy has eaten the beginning of this year 2023. Although we have had other important bets that have grabbed headlines, even from diametrically opposed genres, Avalanche Software’s RPG has dominated the discourse before, during and after its premiere. Of course, it seems that the Americans foresaw that the players were going to be bad, and added a mechanics for protect the kittens of the attacks.

Although won’t make it to the gamewe talk about something extremely funny. Many animals populate the boundaries of Hogwarts, but in the castle, the michis are kings. Even so, this doesn’t stop players from attacking them because, like other playable items, they can be attached with the wand.

These adorable furry they can’t die by our attacks, but they are an object that we can fix and attack. Some have even used the Levioso to lift them into the air. While others have attacked the kitten so much, that it has disappeared from reality.

For this reason, and according to chandlerwood, Community Manager at Avalanche Software, the team has been tinkering with a cute option to protect cats. As we can see in the video, once you attack one of these adorable little guys with any spell, take care is activated around it and it itself throws an Avada Kedavra at the playerkilling him instantly.

Wood himself anticipates that, as we have commented, the team does not plan for this to ever come to the game. Talk about a internal addition that Avalanche introduced by way of laughter, but with some seriousness, and that is that you should not attack cats! Be that as it may, surely this is something that will attract the attention of more than one person and it is not surprising that, at some point, it could come in the form of mode to the game. In fact, I would pay for it.

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The game hasn’t said “it’s over” yet. While we don’t know if any DLC will be coming to the game in the future, especially considering that its director has denied that he is working on anything, Avalanche knows that there are many people who are looking forward to more content from this open-world RPG.