It’s super easy to change your Steam Deck’s power-up animation, and I’ll show you how to do it in just 5 steps

Unlike the Switch, one of the main attractions of the Steam Deck is, without a doubt, the almost endless opportunities to personalization it has for the user. The Linux-based Valve machine trusts you and wants you to make it yoursand today I am going to teach you how to make one of the most successful aesthetic changes that you can carry out: change your power up animation for a personalized

First of all, if you’re thinking “Whew, this sure is complicated and requires me to do a million different steps”Don’t worry! This is not the case, since changing your power-up animation is a tremendously simple task. In just 5 stepsyou will be able to modify it, and I am also going to tell you where you can download a large number of animations created by the Steam Deck community.

Change your power-up animation on Steam Deck

Normally, the first thing I would do would be to tell you what the requirements are for you to be able to perform this task, but in this case there is only one: having an internet connection. Once that was accomplished, today it’s more than easy change your animation, and it is that Valve has implemented an official way to use these custom videos with the update SteamOS 3.3.2.

  1. Look for a custom power-up animation (you can find tons of them on the Steam Deck Repo).
  2. Switch to Desktop mode from the Steam Deck (hold the power button for this).
  3. Download the animation you want to the following directory: “/home/deck/.steam/root/config/uioverrides/movies/“. Use the show hidden files option to see the .steam folder. On the other hand, you will probably have to create the “uioverrides” and “movies” folders.
  4. Come back to game mode from your Deck.
  5. Go to Options > Personalization and choose the animation you want to use.
Steam Deck Image

Once you have done this, you can restart your console and enjoy your new animation. You are, being in .webm (a video format with audio) they also have sound, so you will be able to do very cool things with it. Of course, keep in mind that Steam Deck Repo is not the only site where you can find animations, since other platforms like Reddit are also home to a lot of creators. Even if you have animation and editing skills, you can make your own.

If you want to do the latter, you have to take into account that you need a video file in .webm format and that the resolution of the video has to be 1280×800, although you can download a larger one and then change the resolution before moving it to the Deck. On the other hand, the maximum duration of these should be 30 seconds at most, although shorter videos will serve you.

Valve gives you an alternative to this method

If you don’t want to mess around with files and have a few Steam Points you want to redeem, there’s an even easier alternative to this method. With SteamOS version 3.4.6, you can spend your points on official Valve startup animations and activate them directly from Game Mode itself, without going through your Deck files or creating extra folders.

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