It will be playable even with PCs from 10 years ago

Without a doubt, Diablo 4 is one of the most anticipated titles of all of 2023. Blizzard’s mega launch is getting closer every day, and today we finally know what its minimum and recommended requirementsalthough there is a but that we have to take into account before launching the bells on the fly.

And it is that this information comes to us from the data that Blizzard has given about the open beta of the game. We already know when it will take place, the duration and the details of the Diablo 4 beta, but we also know the requirements that your computer will have to meet to run it on PC. Still, like this It’s not the final version of the game.we cannot say that these are 100% immovable.

With this in mind, we can use these requirements to get an idea the level of demand that the title will have. If the latest triple A’s have put your computer to the test, you’ll be happy to know that this is the most permissive hardware release that we’re going to see all year.

Minimum requirements

recommended requirements


Windows 10 64-bit

Windows 10 64-bit


Intel i5-2500K

AMD FX8100

Intel I5-4670K

Ryzen 3 1300X

Graphic card


AMD R9280





16 GB


45 GB (SSD recommended)

45 GB (SSD recommended)

As you can see, asking for a GPU from almost 10 years ago as a recommended requirement, Diablo 4 is, by far, the big release that will give our PCs the most room to breathe. The minimum requirements of the title are to be able to enjoy it at 720p 30FPSwhile the recommended ones set the bar at 1080p 60FPS.

Diablo 4 presents an amazing figure that costs more than many gaming PCs, and now it can be yours

The new Blizzard will go on sale next June 6th, but we already know when you can try it, whether you have booked it or not. The open beta of the title will take place in the last bars of this month and it will be an opportunity to test both the prologue and the entire act 1 of this highly anticipated role-playing game.