It was right under your nose all these years

The long-awaited and rumored DLC for Elden Ring was announced in a simple and unpretentious post in March. Shadow of the Erdtree it’s real, but I doubt anyone imagined that we would have clues about this content in a game as “old” as Dark Souls II (which sounds new to many of us, but is almost a decade old, how old does it make you feel? that?) Neither more nor less than reality, as has been unearthed on social networks.

Bizarre things that fans of Dark Souls on PC have carried out in the last 12 years: from a sequel to Bloodborne Kart

Ziostorm, a Twitter user, has shared a post spinning the little we know about Shadow of the Erdtree with the image and description of a piece of equipment from DS2, the so-called “great spirit tree shield” (grand spirit tree shield in English). The description in-game of the object reads as follows: “A well-constructed shield, decorated with the spiritual tree that appears in the allegory of Quella, god of dreams“.

A text that is familiar to us for a couple of reasons. The first is – not surprisingly – that Quella’s name is very similar to miquella, which is what the brother of Malenia herself is called. The other is that comment about dreams, since the character that concerns us is asleep and (it is speculated) lives within his own subconscious. Miquella rides Torrentera in the promotional image for Shadow of the Erdtree, so she will play a key role in the expansion.

And then there is the fact that the coat of arms has a tree engraved on it, of course.

That FromSoftware takes elements from one game and takes them to another that has nothing to do with the previous one is nothing new: Patches the Hyena is a character from Armored Core who has reached Bloodborne, going through multiple instances of Dark Souls, For example. That said, we still don’t know when we’ll be able to get our hands on Shadow of the Erdtree, and in fact, FromSoftware’s next release is expected to be Armored Core 6.