it has all the good things of the first one, as well as furries

This week, Capcom has shown the first trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 as part of the PlayStation Showcase 2023. It does not have an announced launch window at the moment, in case you have come to see that, but it is definitely more than what many of us expected. We have proof of its development since last summer —the very Hideaki Itsuno he had acknowledged long ago that he was interested in doing so, it was a matter of time— but since the announcement he had remained completely silent.

In broad strokes, it seems to be a fairly conservative sequel in terms of mechanics and aesthetics; although the first video already leaves us with a series of palpable novelties such as new NPC races (perhaps even playable) and the new dragonwhich logically keeps the Grigori aspect for reasons of lore that I prefer not to ruin you if you have not played the original. Again, we’ll be playing a heroic Arisen and (I assume) his host of pawns.

In case you weren’t too into the original game—I highly recommend you do, because it has aged quite well in many ways and is often on sale for ridiculous prices—Dragon’s Dogma is an action RPG that came out in 2012 and felt pretty ahead of his time: It was an open world with huge beasts and combat where you could climb over their bodies. Although it had a remarkable reception, it had not finished settling at the sales level. It remains to be seen if things change with the sequel, which comes after the director’s success with Devil May Cry V.

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