It borders on perfection with a 97 on Metacritic, it’s one of the best RPGs ever, and it’s on sale for a limited time.

In recent years, we’ve seen a consignment of incredible RPGs that have been positioned as authentic modern classics of the genre. With great scripts, by far one of the best received has been Disco Elysium, an RPG very different from the others, which today can be yours for a more than succulent price thanks to this offer.

In Disco Elysium you are going to embody a most peculiar detective. Being in the fictional city of Revachol, a place full of crime, corruption and disparity, you are going to have many mysteries to solve, although not always in the most moral or legal way. Take bribes, investigate in interesting… ways, and most of all, get to the bottom of it.

During the following week, you will be able to get Disco Elysium – The Final Cut for only 10 euros. This is the version that comes with voices in all dialogues and more content to give you several tens of hours of fun and roleo of the highest quality. It is, of course, quite a bargain to consider if you have not yet played this masterpiece.

As if all that were not enough, as it is a GOG discount, you will be able to share the game with all the people you want, without the need to use activators or clients like Steam. If you want, you and all your friends can buy the title once and play it Without restrictions No excessive security measures.

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GOG is offering RPG deals throughout this week. With great discounted titles, if you are a fan of the genre feel free to take a look to your catalog. Who knows, maybe one of the great games you have pending could be yours for a more than attractive price.