Is Unrecord real or a scam? Photorealistic police game clears up doubts about its authenticity and reveals evidence and details

This week, it has gone viral on Twitter (14.9 million views) first trailer for a new game called Unrecord. It is presented as a bodycam fps —a flashy terminology that we would translate as “first-person shooter with the perspective of a body camera“—in the words of its co-director, a French developer named Alexandre Spindler, and who in broad strokes is a thriller police. However, its unusual photorealistic aesthetic has led many to believe that it is not a real game, but rather an elaborate montage filmed by actors.

Going back to networks, the issue has been more or less settled: it is real.

“Sorry for those who thought Unrecord was fake” says Alexandre on Twitter in response to the reach that the announcement had, accompanying the publication of a clip recorded in Unreal Engine where you can clearly see the digitized environments from the previous trailer. On the other hand, the game also has a file on Steam, where it becomes easier to understand the prism with which the project is being covered and the operation of its mechanics. It’s surprising, but it’s a shooter of volume and loin. One that gives prominence to the narrative, yes.

Unrecord is a tactical shooter where players can expect an immersive narrative experience. It features complex dialogues, innovative gameplay mechanics, tricky moral dilemmas, and a unique shooting system. Unrecord’s story can be compared to a novel or a thriller. The player must investigate various criminal cases and face various characters. Plot and presentation are crucial to the experience, and the player can anticipate numerous gameplay sequences and plot twists.

This information block, taken directly from the Unrecord file on Steam, clarifies much of what was seen in the gameplay of course. There is also talk of repeatable missions in which there is no margin for error, and of a aiming system different from what we usually see in the industry: by moving the mouse around the screen, we move not only the weapon but also the arms of our protagonist (a police officer) in a three-dimensional plane that is not interrupted by special animations, such as the recharge; so that it looks much more realistic.

Unrecord (DRAMA)

“We have seen many doubts about the authenticity of the gameplay,” acknowledges the DRAMA studio in a Steam statement. “The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5, and the gameplay has been captured in an executable file controlled by mouse and keyboard. It is not a game of virtual reality” although they admit that it is flattering to read comparisons with the real world. UE5, being a next-generation engine, supports technologies such as Lumen and Nanite to manage realistic graphics, and is compatible with a library of scanned textures (photogrammetry).

Having cleared up the doubts about Unrecord, the question that remains to be answered is “when does it come out?” (thinking especially of Blue Box’s fateful Abandoned) and it’s a tricky one. DRAMA claims to have felt pressured by success from the first gameplay video, released in 2022 with an aesthetic more similar to that of a traditional shooter, and as a consequence, establishing itself in the market was a priority. The cost of having achieved this is not having a date to offer: “there is not even a Release year estimated at this time.

DRAMA suggests that the public avoid questions about the Unrecord beta. You can follow the development closely from its official Discord server.

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