If you want to see more STALKER 2, its creators have announced their next appearance

STALKER. 2 is still one of the most elusive goldfish games in recent years. affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine, the GSC Game World studio had to migrate its headquarters to Prague to continue working, and even so it saw how the creation of the title had a great impact due to the unfortunate circumstances. Now, its creators have announced that they will be at the GDC 2023and it looks like they’re going to give us another look at the game.

The GDC is the Game Developers Conference, an event that brings together workers from the video game industry to give focused talks on their development. Normally, the theme of these lectures it is usually purely professionalLeaving aside the promotion and trailers, but GSC Game World has set off our alarms.

If we go to the STALKER 2 talk page for GDC 2023, we can see some details about it. What has attracted the most attention is that in his description he says that he will show an exclusive look to STALKER 2, making it clear that this may be more than just a tech talk.

Of course, the Ukrainian team is not going to put aside the spirit of the event, and also plans to talk about the use of artificial intelligence to improve the facial animations of the characters using the audio as a base. With its half hour duration, it seems that it is going to be a very complete talk.

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If you want to take a look at it and not miss the opportunity to see more STALKER 2 live, you should mark a date and time on your calendar. The GDC 2023 GSC Game Worlds conference will take place next March 24 at 0:00 hours (peninsular time).