If you want Kelvin in Sons of the Forest to stop beating you up, install his first major update

Sons of the Forest is one of the great releases of this year 2023. Although Endnight Games anticipated an important movement on social networks and Twitch, they did not expect its survival the Amazon platform was eaten at the same time that the Steam servers were petering out. Now, 20 days after its release, the game receives its first major patch with Kelvin in the spotlight.

The game, in addition to other good things that Iván Lerner told you about for 3DJuegos, includes Kelvin, a nice NPC who, if we play alone, will be our only friend on the island. Good old Kelvin has earned a multitude of memes, some of them very laughable, but also more than a heart attack on our part when we have seen him demolish our house without any permission.

This is one of the problems that the patch 01 from Sons of the Forest. The character AI It has been improved so that he does not act so freely in the scenarios where he does not have to, and we can take him a little more “tied” according to our decisions.

Apart from this, we will also find a hang glider for move around the map more freely, as well as some binoculars that will help us distinguish structures, enemies or plan our next move. Likewise, we also have a series of minor fixes that fully attack performance or the correction of bugs.

The real Sons of the Forest doesn't exist yet, and it's a shame so many are missing out.

The success of Sons of the Forest will not end here, and it is that far from coming out in full version as many of us expected after its first installment, this sequel is nothing more than a early access. The game will continue to expand, although as we have verified, it can already be played from start to finish and complete its story mode.