If you still don’t have The Witcher 3, I’ll make it more than easy for you. This limited offer leaves it priceless

Within the RPG genre, there is no doubt that The Witcher 3 is a complete titan. The Geralt of Rivia adventure It has become a mainstay in gaming, and is absolutely essential for those who want more than a hundred hours of exciting adventures. If you don’t have it yet, this offer it will brighten your day.

Released last January, The Witcher 3 Complete Edition not only includes the base game and its two expansions, but it brings updates for the new generations, such as some changes and, mainly, support for ray tracing. This is the definitive package to enjoy the role-playing epic, and today you can get it with 80% discount.

If you go to Steam right now, you will see that the price of the title is €49.99. Although it is worth the outlay considering the amount of the title, it is not within everyone’s reach, and it is certainly not an impossible offer to ignore. In GOG, however, you have a discount that makes it much more accessible.

The Witcher 3 Complete Edition for only 10 euros is a very difficult bargain to avoid. On top of that, being a GOG game, it doesn’t have any kind of anti-piracy method, which allows you to share the game with as many people as you want. So you and all your friends can get hold of it and play it whenever you want. without any restriction. Of course, you will have to hurry because this offer will only last until next week, specifically until 23:59 next Monday.

The Witcher 3 fixes its most beloved secondary, a man the sea of ​​​​irrelevant

If you don’t know GOG, it’s the store for retro (and not so retro) games created by the studio behind The Witcher, CD Projekt. It differs from Steam in that none of its games have DRM, so you can share it with whoever you want and you don’t need to install clients from third parties to be able to enjoy them.