If you need one more reason to get Witchfire on your radar, I’ll tell you this medieval DOOM is coming soon.

Witchfire is one of the most curious bets, not only because of its crazy action approach in a medieval environment with weapons and demons, but also because of the trajectory of its study: The Astronauts. Even so, and despite the anticipation, the game did not see a release date for 2022, this shooter yes it will come to early 2023and this is confirmed by his study.

Where? Well thanks to the middle IGNin it Fanfest that Americans sponsor. The portal to the other side of the globe has brought together games like Lies of P, which already has a launch window, now the shooter of the Poles under Unreal Engine 5 has new gameplayone that tells us that “soon” we can play it

For the moment, that “soon” is nothing more than a somewhat insignificant declaration of intent and it is that we already knew that it would arrive at the beginning of 2023, but it is still one more confirmation. Apparently, the Poles have had a series of problems when developing this game, and that waiting time came in handy for them. polish the release.

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Far from this, what we have been able to see is more wild and crazy action in game. As you can see, the game still looks great with the latest version of the Epic Games engine, but this gameplay focuses on certain shooting mechanics of the game rather than offer a somewhat more varied look.

Be that as it may, we are talking about a highly anticipated commitment to its influences from DOOM or Painkiller. One of those projects takes risks to be overshadowedespecially considering its game concept in early accessbut it will be one of those works that we hope will surprise us not only visually, but also mechanically.