If you are looking for an idea to enjoy the weekend, I recommend these 4 video games with which to have a great time

Once again, the working days are sold out and the weekend welcomes us. You know how this goes: it’s time to rest, relax and enjoy our favorite hobby, the video game. What’s going on? you are not clear what to play the end of? Don’t worry! Here I bring you 4 great games that I recommend you take a look at.

The most anticipated early access of the year

Diablo 4 Image Blizzard Entertainment

If you already have Diablo 4 pre-ordered, I’m sure you’re absolutely eager to try it out. Well, this weekend is when the early access of the Blizzard RPG opens for the first time, and you will be able to try both the prologue and act 1 of the same. It is an essential appointment to enjoy before Monday.

Shots and fear in equal parts

Fear Monolith Image

Whoever has a euro, has a treasure… or at least in this case will have a great game. FEAR, one of the best fish tank shooters ever made, is on sale for just 1.07 euros. Bringing both its base game and its expansions, this shooter gives you some of best enemy AIs never seen while mixing authentic bloodbaths with the most effective scares.

Diablo 4 beta excites me for several reasons: seeing you is one of them

Warhammer fans are in luck

Warhammer Gladius Image

Every week, Epic Games makes more than one happy with its free video games, and this was not going to be for less. If you are a fan of Warhammer, or if you just like the 4X strategythis weekend you can dedicate yourself to playing Gladius – Relics of War completely free and keep it forever.

Japanese terror strikes again

Image Of Fatal Frame Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse

Of all the classic survival horror franchises out there, perhaps one that I would consider the most hidden gem is Fatal Frame, or Project Zero as we know it around these parts. His fourth game, one that never left japan, just arrived in the West, and it has me completely hooked. If you’re waiting for the Resident Evil 4 remake, I recommend playing something slower, like Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, this weekend.

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