If Dark and Darker never comes out, at least you can buy their (real) coffee and help with the one that comes their way

Dark and Darker has gone from being one of the battle royale —or rather, a very rare role-playing game— most successful on Steam with a very powerful beta at the end of 2022, to make us dude of if it ever goes on sale. The Korean game has faced lawsuits, a police investigation, and has even been pulled from Steam. Now, the Ironmace studio has taken the opportunity to sell a coffee set and one Beer jar. If it never comes out, at least we can have some of the game.

Yes, we have not been wrong and neither has Ironmace. The Koreans have teamed up with the company Madrinas Coffee to launch Dark Roasta limited edition with a price of $49.99, although we will have to pay the shipping costs and they are not cheap. But if you think “what a nonsense!”, maybe you should know that it has been sold out within 24 hours and now we can only buy the coffee separately.

But, what is this campaign for a game that has not yet been released? The truth is that it has some logic. The authors of Dark and Darker face Nexon, an Asian heavyweight in video games. The demands imply attorney expenses and litigation will settle with a delay in the development periods, so it is normal that the team needs all the money possible.

Still, the Koreans have had even more trouble than the legal ones. Last April, a GoFundMe appeared online that sought to financially support the studio. However, the fundraising campaign was not initiated by Ironmace itself, so everything seems to indicate that we are talking about a scam that ended with 46,000 dollars invested and that were left in no man’s land.

What will happen to Dark and Darker?

Similar to The Day Before, Dark and Darker’s legal issues led to the game’s removal from the Steam database. Both the game page and the forum are disabled, so the Koreans bite the bullet and make the decision to share their game via torrent. Even if they do not receive income, this is the way in which they will be able to continue updating the game.

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