I wish I could say that PC Fútbol returns in style, but its new delivery comes surrounded by doubts

If you are a football fan, as well as a PC gamer of a lifetime, the name of the prestigious PC Fútbol saga will be more than familiar to you. It’s been more than 15 years since we saw his last installment, and it seems that 2023 is the year in which he will return. With an announcement that has brought a lot of hype, there are certain red flags that have us worried. Is this the return that we are all waiting for?

Yesterday we learned the news of the year for PC Soccer fans: PC Soccer 2024 is in development, and even has a pre-sale campaign associated with it. A real joy for fans of the franchise, who could throw the bells on the fly. After carefully analyzing the situation, not everyone is convinced of this event.

The doubts of the users began to jump when looking with a magnifying glass at the announcement. For starters, we still don’t have not a single image of the title for which people are already paying money. Without offering us any screenshots, videos, or details about the licenses with which the team will work, PC Fútbol 2024 is a project completely invisible about which we know practically nothing.

In addition to that, if we go to the official PC Soccer website, we see that it is completely empty. Its creators affirm that we will have a new version with more data today at 17:00with which it will be necessary to be attentive to this, thus being able to clear up some of the doubts.

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Finally, the team behind the game, Una Partida Más SL, is a limited company incorporated just 27 days agoleaving out of the picture (at least until proven otherwise) Dinamic Multimedia and Gaelco Multimedia, the two companies that had previously worked with the franchise.

With all this in mind, the skepticism of many fans of the saga is understandable. Even with Kickstarters and other crowdfunding methods, you often have concepts to pitch, material already developed, and even title previews, all of which are absent here. For now, we will have to wait and see how the project continues, which, in theory, will be released on December 20 of this same year.