I really wanted to try this soulslike, but harsh accusations of plagiarism and theft have taken it away from me

Since it started soul feverMany have been those who have wanted to emulate FromSoftware’s style in their action RPGs. Bleak Faith: Forsaken was one of these clones, and it looked pretty cool. After its release, the hopes of those of us who wanted its success have come crashing down, and it’s all for accusations of theft and plagiarism.

With a more than striking aesthetic and an interesting premise, the small team of this soulslike was little by little making a name for itself before launching its ambitious project. Now that it’s available, not only has it been besieged by negative reviewsbut faces more serious charges.

Not only have players on Steam complained about the various bugs and problems in Bleak Faith: Forsaken, but the platform’s own forums have begun to talk about how many of the game’s animations have been stolen. The alleged victim in this case? Nothing more and nothing less than the very From.

As you can see in this compilation of Bleak Faith: Forsaken animations and poses, there’s a lot that can be directly linked to the Elden Ring, objectively. the most famous soulslike of history. If to all this (which is not little) we add the statements that various game icons They are made with artificial intelligence using third-party art without authorization for their operations, things are not looking good for this indie team.

Today a souls is released with an offer and with an insane artistic section, just look at its images

Even so, the creators of this independent video game they have defended of the accusations that go in his direction. About the use of AIs to illustrate the game, they have said that they are working on new icons. On the other hand, a post on the game’s Discord clarifies the matter. According to their creators, they bought several animations in the Epic Marketplace. They assure that, in addition to having contacted the store to verify the legality of the purchased package, will work on alternativesAlthough we don’t know if that means creating new animations to apply in patches or at the level of your next project.