I missed a college exam for addicting myself to their first game, today the sequel is announced, and I fear for my job

Cities: Skylines achieved something that few games have the “honor” of having done for me: skipping a college exam. I was not a model student, far from it, but not going to an exam was against me. Even so, the sandbox of construction from Colossal Order with Karoliina Korppoo in the lead, stole a lot of my life, and now that Cities: Skylines 2 has been announced, I fear for my job.

It may sound like an exaggeration, which it is, but only Resident Evil 7 managed something similar, although there was no test involved. However, and now that my obsession with the city ​​builder distributed by Paradox Interactive, the Finns have reawakened in me the yearning for construction civil management and organization of a megalopolis.

After a spectacular tour of a first installment that has been running like clockwork since 2015, we were able to see a VR version of Cities: Skylines, as well as versions for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Now, the city builder to whom I like to add the phrase “par excellence”, has announced with a spectacular cinematic trailer a sequel that will land on new generation and PC this 2023.

At the moment, we do not know a certain date, but we do know some of the points of the particular check list of the Finns. This is what propose and looking for from the development team:

  • A substantial improvement in the graphic section.
  • Greater interaction with the game world being able to customize almost every detailno matter how small, from the game world.
  • Various DLCs of the first installment as those that promoted tourism, businesses or vehicles will be included like game mechanics.
  • the same culture of support modding which had its first part.
  • In short, to be the biggest city building simulator we have ever seen.
Image of Cities Skylines 2 (Colossal Order)

Perhaps they are somewhat vague ideas, but the study took the cake with its first installment, so it never hurts to trust for its sequel. One that will allow us, like that 2015 game, to build a huge city to manage almost like a god among mortals.

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Of course, what is clear is that those close to the strategy and management of the city ​​builders, we are clapping with emotion. Therefore, for both veterans and newcomers to the genre, I encourage you to add Cities: Skilines 2 to the Steam wishlist. I have already done.