I don’t like retro game porting to Unreal Engine 5, but the Resident Evil port is changing my mind

I’m going to be honest, I don’t usually like “Classic X Game on Unreal Engine” videos. There are many titles with an address superb and deliberate artistic that have passed through the filter of the store assets of Unity and Unreal, and that takes away their soul. So why am I writing this? Well, because, without serving as a reference, I liked this one. the spencer mansion from Resident Evil in Unreal Engine 5 looks scary, and it’s all thanks to the creator of this demo.

Created by Team Arklay, a group of 3D content creators dedicated to exploring ways to modernize Capcom classics, today we have a tour of the most iconic mansion in video games. The Spencer Mansion in 4K run through Unreal Engine 5 is literally that, One last that we can see in great detail.

Resident Evil wasn't always a survival horror: the game that originated it is a turn-based horror RPG lost to history

In this half-hour visit, you will be able to see to what extent a remake with this degree of attention could get under our skin. Going through all the areas of the estate, there is everything: from its large halls and claustrophobic corridors to its strangest and sometimes even absurd secret rooms.

It should be noted that this is not a project for people who want to create a fan remake of Capcom’s timeless classic, but a test of the potential of this engine in the hands of individuals who understand the essence of the works they are adapting. Respecting Resident Evilwe have reached an impressive technical demo, and I wish they were all like this.

Will we have more Resident Evil remakes?

Now that Resident Evil 4 Remake is out, Capcom is you run out of titles to redo. With some Resident Evil 5 and 6 not very well received by the public and a Code Veronica that seems to be highly ignored by its creators, will we revisit the mansion that started it all soon?

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