Hundreds of hours of fun for less than one euro, a real bargain only available for a limited time

Video games are something that is enjoyed a lot, but that becomes especially fun in company. play with your friends it’s the best way to spend time with them, and finding a cheap game to have a great time together is one of the best things that can happen to a group of gamers. Today’s offer is just that: a game that will give you many hours of fun with colleagues, and that costs very, very little. It’s about PayDay 2, and it costs less than 1 euro.

In the Overkill Software title, you are going to be part of a gang that seeks to make a living in a somewhat dishonest way. From bank heists to stealing nuclear warheads, there are plenty of different missions for a group of four to have a great time. Yes indeed, you will find resistance.

The game is a first-person shooter with all the letters that, thanks to its amount of content and DLCs, can last you hundreds and hundreds of hours. In fact, on the PayDay 2 page of How Long to Beat, we see that 100% expunging the title usually leads to people more than 500 hourss. Whether alone or with 3 friends, this is a very, very cheap game.

Of course, if you go to Steam right now, you will see that the promised euro is not the price that appears. That’s because the sale isn’t on the Valve platform, but at one of our favorite authorized (ie not resale) stores. We have, once again, an offer of fanatical. Of course, the key you will get is 100% usable on Steam.

It has katanas, fuses, memes and blood in abundance, what more could you ask for?  Oh yeah, it costs less than a hamburger

Thanks to this offer, you can get PayDay 2 for 99 euro cents. Hurry, because this discount is only temporary. you have until 1 a.m. Monday to be able to get this chollazo. It is, without a doubt, a great way to spend the weekend playing video games.