How to fix Atomic Heart error on PC Game Pass “Available in the full version of the game”

We can already enjoy Atomic Heart on consoles and PC, although the latter have encountered more than one problem. And it is that yes, the Mundfish game is a visual and optimization rock, but those players who have delved into this Soviet madness on PC Game Pass like me, have come across an error that won’t let them go past the intro. Is it a demo? Have I done something wrong? None, it’s a simple mistake, and here I tell you How to solve it.

To put you in perspective, once we are delighted with the city at the beginning of the game, we are asked to fly to the laboratory in a turbine, that is, a car lifted by a robot-turbine. After picking up the key and going down in the elevator, the surprise arrives in a message: “Available in the full version of the game“.

After so much waiting, trailers and the occasional delay, I expected my time at Atomic Heart to be smooth, and did I run into this error? Don’t worry, the solution is simple. Yes ok it has taken me headlong and forced to search on Reddit or in the game forums, these are the two options in order to solve it:

  • Restart the game and Game Pass. You know, you just have to exit the game, close the application and start it again.
  • reinstall the game. It is the most tedious, but it also works like that.
Image of Atomic Heart (Mundfish)

With the first option I managed to make the game work and continue with this motley retro-futuristic madness. I can tell you in advance that, even if you close the game, without exiting the game, and re-enter it, it doesn’t work. The bug in question causes the game to detect Atomic Heart as a demo. Maybe the Mundfish studio was planning to release one prior to release? It may be, but until we exit and access it again, it will not let us continue.

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The problem in question has not taken me a long time to solve it, although I already tell you that it has been frustrating I ran into it after so much waiting. In fact, it’s dampening opinion of the game, at least on Microsoft’s subscription service, with many gamers assuming it’s nothing more than a disguised demo of the full game.

Of course, it is not the only thing that the Russian study must face, at least on PC. Players on this platform have found the game lacking launch Ray Tracing, as well as the occasional complaint about FOV or mouse acceleration without warning.