Hogwarts Legacy has a mod of true masochism that will give you an adventure as difficult as Dark Souls

Modders are having a great time thanks to Hogwarts Legacy. Modifying many of the aspects of the game, we have already seen cosmetics, optimizations and even graphics packages. Now it’s up to the gameplayand this mod is going to be great for those who want a more difficult experience.

Let’s face it, the new game from Avalanche Software It’s not Dark Souls. While it is true that it neither needs nor wants to be, some players may miss some bigger challenge when playing it. Luckily, the community has decided to create their own obstacles in the form of mods.

Thanks to Accio Masochism, those looking for a much more restrictive and difficult experience will be able to find it without problem. The mod affects to various areas of the game: from the economy to the aggressiveness and damage of the enemies, going through the challenges of the title and the Room of Requirement. You have a lot to do harder.

Of course, one of the best things about Accio Masochism is that you don’t have to increase the difficulty of all its sections. counting with a lot of modularityyou can customize the experience to your liking, so you can create your custom Hogwarts Legacy Dark Souls.

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The installation of the mod, ironically, couldn’t be simpler. Just put the mod .pak file in the “/Phoenix/Content/Paks/~mods” folder of your Hogwarts Legacy installation. On the other hand, if you are looking for more add-ons, you can take a look at the 19 Hogwarts Legacy mods that I recommend.