his power is so crazy that one will be a story mode signed by a team of 10

Much has been made of the power of Dead by Daylight and how it has broken with everything and everyone throughout its 7 years of life. What Behavior Interactive has achieved is so crazy that it has managed to survive the fall of its genre, asymmetric multiplayer, and now announces various gamesone of them with history mode.

It’s the news of the day, especially for horror lovers, but for those closest to Reddit, the announcement was already out. spoiled. Some videos of Behavior Interactive’s collaboration with Supermassive Games for a new game were leaked just yesterday. But that is not going to take away the illusion of seeing the studio that has signed Until Dawn or the anthology The Dark Pictures make a original game from DBD.

This has been announced by the studio and, according to Gematsu, it will seek to expand the universe of Dead by Daylight. Subtitled “What Lies Ahead,” the indie studio teams up with a superb team for a series of original narrative and online productions. Both Supermassive Games and Midwinter Entertainment, a subsidiary of the former, will be in charge of these 2 new games.

In the case of the parents of The Quarry, the British will take care of a “narrative experience full of powerful life and death options in the context of Dead byc Daylight.” Meanwhile, the other studio will sign a PvE multiplayeralien to the asymmetric concept.

At the moment, we don’t know anything more about these projects, but it is clear that the power of the brand is enormous if Supermassive has set its eyes on it. Also, this can be a perfect moment so that the group of enemies is expanded with original villains rather than the collaborations that have plagued the game in recent years.

Dead by Daylight will also have a movie

The future of DBD is prosperous and that is that the production company blumhouse He has also set his eyes on the brand. This company, responsible for hits like Smile or the new Halloween trilogy, will share production with Atomic Monsterproducer of the spectacular James Wan and who has signed the Warren File or Maligno.

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