He deserved the GOTY in 2022, and now he is releasing his first DLC with a trailer that should well win an Oscar for best sound

Total War Warhammer 3 was one of the best of 2022. Although the strategy genre does not have huge exponents year after year to compete, the end of The Creative Assembly trilogy was a golden finish for the license. Of course, the British had a good list of additions pending by way of content, and here is the first: the Chaos Dwarfs come into action as first DLC.

Although we already got to see and try out Immortal Empires and several new heroes, the game was missing those expansions to breathe new life into the world of Warhammer. This is a new faction that is a double celebration, and we are talking about a rumor that took over the networks months ago, confirmed today.

Thus, the Chaos Dwarfs will arrive as a new playable race to the huge compendium that the game already has. It can be used in 2 campaignsRealm of Chaos as in Immortal Empires, thus being the first full faction to access this second game world since the third part was released.

We will have 3 legendary bosses (Astragoth Iron Hand, Drazhoath of Cinder, and Zhatan the Black), as well as a nice list of new buildings and weapons to build. In total, we will have access to 26 new unitsincluding the chaos dwarf machines, veritable beasts to ravage the battlefield with hellfire.

A first expansion wanting to eat a game that, unfortunately, did not win the GOTY last 2022 against Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. If Ubisoft hadn’t opted for the spectacular sequel to this very curious duo between the Rabbids and Nintendo last year, Warhammer 3 was the candidate more solid from the list.

I put 426 hours into the first one, now its sequel is "free" on Game Pass and Steam with the content of 3 games in one

This DLC will be coming to the game next April 13, 2023 at a price of 22.49 euros. This content marks the first step into the future of Warhammer 3 beyond Immortal Empires. In fact, the UK team recently lamented that they couldn’t bring more life to the game, but they encouraged us to look forward to content like this.