Has the aesthetic of Cuphead, but plays like DOOM with a gangster Mickey Mouse

What if Mickey Mouse in black and white was a DOOM-style shooter? Well, he exists, and he has the same soul as Cuphead.

The conversions of classics from popular culture to a more violent and absurd approach always have a certain appeal. We have already seen it with other small and nice “friends” from childhood in the form of satanic cartoons, or almost, and now it is the turn of Mickey Mouse. What would happen if the Disney mascot picked up a gun and turned into a shooter? Well, Mouse comes out, a madness in diapers, but worthy of having it on the radar.

Set aside, Alice or Winnie the Pooh, with that Lovecraftian version that we discussed last week, today it’s time to receive a version malrollera is the affable mouse in white gloves in a titanic madness with a very interesting trailer that puts the first stone to a very curious shooter. This Fumi Games development has launched a page on Steam with a very clear intention: be the Cuphead of the shooter.

He style cartoon from the 30s that the Studio MDHR project showcased, reappears, although it loses 10 years and color along the way, to rescue the aesthetics of the first appearance of the Disney mouse in 1928 as a stand-in for Oswald Rabbit on American television. With this premise, the indie development of Fumi Games will confront us with certain criminal versions and gangsters of the well-known enemies of Mickey Mouse.

How will we deal with them? This particular Mickey Mouse will not use nice words, but dynamite, shotgun, sniper rifles, machine guns or revolvers. A good arsenal that we can combine with certain destructible elements from the stage, barrels of gasoline to explode left and right, and a good list of perks and additions in the form of skills.

Cuphead analysis.  Explosion of beauty and difficulty

And yes, the animations are delightful. It’s not just that that animated style of the last century shines in weapons, where they almost literally spit bullets with cute effects, but if we set an enemy on fire, will be reduced to dust and only their bulging eyes will remain. All very funny. Also, if we blow up a head, it will disappear and a drop of blood will sprout. Chef Kiss.

Image of Mouse (Fumi Games)

Of course, as we have commented before, it is a project in its infancy. This first look is done in the very bowels of the game, with some scenarios that are not yet finished and a good list of additions that are missing. Mouse is a long-term project with a spectacular charisma that does not have a release date.

Cuphead 2?

The success of Cuphead led to praise the year it was released, and StudioMDHR didn’t stop for a moment and launched into the development of a veiled sequel under the name Delicious Last Course. Of course, it is not a second part, what will be next? Last 2022 Maja Moldenhauer, head of Studio MDHR, commented a very hopeful “the sky is the limit” to the question of what the studio will hold in the coming years.

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