has a new protagonist, world and story

Last week, the Canadian team at Digital Extremes laid out all the details about The Duviri Paradox, an expansion for the fantastic Warframe that has been some time in the making. In fact, it is probably the most requested content since its original announcement (last summer) in the history of the game. In any case, it seems that the wait has been worth it because a transformative material like him alone is coming.

In fact, The Duviri Paradox is almost a game in itself. A versatile experience that, explain those responsible, is not only aimed at refreshing the “lifelong” Warframe for veterans, but also acts as a entry point for newcomers. That last one might sound a bit shocking, but once you understand what the dynamics are like, it makes sense; and on a personal level I would say that it is an essential key to understanding DE’s play.

  • It’s another open world, but with roguelike progression and a new protagonist
  • You can play as usual, but also in new ways
  • There is a mode heavily focused on the main story and the secondary ones

Although it may not seem like it, see this new hero, drifter, galloping on the back of a cosmic horse transmits the same vibrations as any of those open world triple A’s that call anyone so much. But I insist on the idea that the key success here is to make it accessible to new players. Let me explain: Warframe is a great game, but starting it from scratch can be a pain in the ass because it doesn’t tell you what you should be doing and (most importantly) why you should be doing it.

Those responsible have redesigned those first few hours of gameplay on several occasions, but it has never been enough to satisfy the needs of newcomers. Until now, at least. Hopefully, The Duviri Paradox will fix a good part of that problem: it will not only be easier to follow for those who want to discover its universe through the narrative, but also as part of the progression roguelikewe are given the possibility of choosing armor that we do not have.

Soulframe, the new fantasy MMO from the creators of Warframe, will bring us more information in a live stream

More specifically, at the beginning of the tour several weapons and armor random ones to choose from to start the game. If you’re a veteran, you’ll find some that you’ve already unlocked there, and the game will honor any customizations you had; but if it is not the case, at least you will have the opportunity to try something new. You can take a look at all the particularities of the system by watching the Digital Extremes program on a delayed basis.

The Duviri Paradox is scheduled to hit Warframe sometime in April.