Great deal! Death Stranding is free only on PC, and so you can upgrade to its Director’s Cut for 5 euros

Epic Games has changed again. He has swerved that we did not expect any and has said: “nothing about several free games, we are going to drop bombs! And it is that today, instead of several gifts, we have only one: Death Stranding is available completely free on Epic Games Store Limited Time.

Yes, as you read, those of Epic Games rescue one of their bombings, and problems, from last Christmas. Thus, Death Stranding is available until next Thursday, May 25, completely free on the Epic Games Store. To get hold of it, it is as simple as accessing the link above, clicking on Obtain and following the steps indicated.

Once we do, nothing and no one will remove the game from the library. Of course, it should be noted that we are talking about the game in its base edition. Those of Tim Sweeney have not been wrong this time and the gift is only from the game released in 2019, not the remaster with its DLC that we could find in the Director’s Cut.

Nevertheless, if you want to update the game and get the best experience possible of Kojima’s work you just have to follow these steps. Both versions are sold separately, but for just 4.99 euros, EGS also offers us the Death Stranding update to its Director’s Cut edition. Just a few euros and we will have one of the most unique PlayStation ex-exclusives that we can play completely.

When will Death Stranding 2 arrive?

Perhaps many of us were surprised, but it shouldn’t. With the success of Death Stranding, the desire that the Japanese had to go it alone without Konami and the support of practically the entire sphere of the video game, Kojima announced its sequel last 2022 at The Game Awards. This spectacular production would not be available until 2025but we are talking about a development that has gone more smoothly than its previous game, so perhaps it could arrive next year.

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