Gollum rescues an enemy that we only saw once in the movies, and with whom I live in love

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is Daedalic Entertainment’s biggest bet in recent years. It’s not just that the Germans are trying to polish a release that is going to get a lot of attention because of the name, but because the power of the license surpasses many others. A game perhaps not so expected, but that finally has new trailer and something like a release windowbut above all, a character I love a lot.

The bet framed within Tolkien’s Middle Earth from the parents of the Deponia saga has been delayed a total of 3 times. Although the Bavarians actively and passively assured us that they would not leave 2023, we have had to wait for this new advance so that they make it clear to us that, indeed, it will come out this year.

Information about an approximate date is kept a total mystery. We are talking about a fairly long launch window, no less than 9 months from now, March 9, 2023, until December 31. If we take into account the previous date, September 2022, perhaps the Germans will seek to repeat their previous promise, but there is nothing for sure.

However, and beyond its very long release window, the trailer itself has managed to make me forget that it is coming out this year due to the presence of The Mouth of Sauron, one of the best characters in the work. The enemy, spokesman for the Dark Lord, did not appear but once in adaptations of Peter Jackson, and just once again in the books.

In fact, this enemy only makes an appearance in The Return of the King in its extended version, so if you’ve never seen it, you won’t know who I’m talking about. Even so, the mere presence of him made him become one of my most adored enemies, even if he succumbs almost to the second. Weta’s work eats the screenrivaling characters like Gandalf or Aragorn in the same sequence thanks to that fantastic realism that Jackson advocated 20 years ago.

The Lord of the Rings: Golum (Daedalic Entertainment)

Even so, and although in the books his appearance is somewhat further from the vision of the New Zealander, he was not far behind with that smiling mouth full of blood and his grim armor. It is not only the appearance, perhaps rivaling in epic and gloomy with The Witch Kingbut because of how the British presented it:

“Mad with rage, he drool from his mouth, while sounds of fury choked in his throat. But he looked at the fierce faces and deadly glares of the Captains, and fear was stronger than anger. Giving a scream, He turned, sprang upon his mount, and rode at a wild gallop toward Cirith Gorgor.”

Imagine Warhammer Vermintide, but from the Lord of the Rings: well, it existed, and it wouldn't hurt to recover it today

Daedalic’s Bavarian team rescues this character with a look foreign to both works, but always welcome. The bet of the design team goes through adapting the high purest fantasy, pompous and extravagant, something never seen in a Tolkien entertainment work. Here we can see it in just a few seconds with a pompous appearance, half a face exposed and a armor with teeth covering the upper part of it. Don’t tell me it’s not cool!