Giant monkeys and pigs to compete with Monster Hunter: EA’s new game has a date and trailer

There are very few sagas, IPs or licenses that we can consider What unique at least within a genre. In 2D fighting, for example, Super Smash Bros. has the unchallenged dominance almost as a genre unto itself. Something similar happens to Capcom with Monster Hunter which, despite being an action game, takes home the monster hunting subgenre. Even so, now the Japanese IP has a competitor, his name is Wild Hearts and it comes from an American and Japanese alliance.

It is not Capcom that competes with itself, far from it, we are talking about koei-tecmo. The Japanese, fathers of Dynasty Warriors or Project Zero, have seen in Electronic Arts the perfect companion for an action-adventure game, but with monster hunting in one feudal japan Y magic as the main attraction.

In this case, the similarities do not stop there. We are talking about a multiplayer cooperative up to 3 players, although we can always enjoy it alone, where we will have to hunt down some beasts called Kemono with any tool at our disposal. Of course, if you see the first advance, the most remarkable in our arsenal are the karakurisome magic wooden cubes that will allow us to build structures to help us in battle by trapping the enemy, offering us a place off the ground or even exploiting and damaging the monster in question.

It seems that everything is possible to bring us victory home, as well as a good arsenal of weapons that the trailer has limited to the typical ones katana either precision bows. There are still many details safely inside Koei Tecmo, although the exclusive preview of the IGN portal anticipates that it has nothing less than 5 years in development and far from advocating an open world format, we are talking about a style of play limited to zones of different size.

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As for the release date, both Koei and EA, who help with the production and distribution of the game in the West, have gone all out and ensure it will arrive on PC and consoles next February 17, 2023. If you didn’t think this first preview was enough, the Japanese studio assures that next October 5th we will have an extended gameplay to clear up many players’ doubts.