Forspoken avoids controversy and sets a date for a first DLC that will explore its mythology

Forspoken, one of the first big releases of this 2023, met with a cold reception from the press and the public. The game has not recovered from that setback two months ago, and now, unexpectedly, the Japanese from Luminous Productions announce their first DLC: In Tanta We Trust.

While the development team has now joined the ranks of Square Enix and as such will no longer operate independently, that is no reason not to release the planned additional content. So, this first DLC will arrive next May 26.

This DLC will start, predictably, after the main Forspoken adventure and will lead us to explore the Athia’s past and the mythology of the place. It will begin when Frey is drawn by a mysterious voice to the Rheddig Purge, the battle that devastated the planet.

In Tanta We Trust will bet on a new “approach” and that is that we will be accompanied by Tanta Cinta, an ally in this new environment that, in addition, will give us new abilities and magic. That said, it does not seem that we are dealing with content extracted from the final product, but rather an expansion of the central story where the Tantas were the villains.

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Still, Forspoken faces a bleak future for the license. Poor sales and the fact that it cost over $100 million, coupled with the game’s reception could kill off this DLC before it even started.

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