For the third time in a month, a video game forum leaks Russian military secrets, this time used in Ukraine

War Thunder is one of the most interesting multiplayer games on the market if you’re looking for something cheap and unique. It’s not just that it offers ground and air combat with arcade and sim options, but it’s a hotbed of leaked information; and again it is news for it. The free to play community makes headlines again for the third time in 2023 accused of leak classified military information from China.

It seems a joke, but it is not. Perhaps for the community yes, although the United States Government has already placed the Russian game on the nation’s blacklist, and no wonder. China hasn’t been on the radar this week, but it has Russiaand we don’t know which one could cause more headaches, especially if we take into account that the leaked data revolves around an “invisible” aircraft used in the Ukrainian War.

User “ZVO_12_INCH” posted classified information from the Su-57, the last poaching manufactured by Sukhoi Aircraft Works of Russia. The airplane in question, not surprisingly, remained hidden from international authoritiesuntil now.

In fact, last summer, a few months after the start of the European conflict, the state agency RIA Novosti warned that Russia would have used up to four “invisible” fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-57 aircraft. With the latest data leaked in the war thunder forumsRussia would add 5 “invisible” planes, and someone in the community may lose their hair.

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In July 2022, data from a Chinese semi-futuristic attack tank was leaked on the in-game forums for the fifth time. With the situation of asian giant and the shielding from the outside they profess, many feared that action would be taken against the development team or, ultimately, the user who leaked it.

Of course, what for some can be a problem, for others it is fun. The memes in front of a situation that has been repeated up to 3 times in the last month (and that we have only been in 2023 for a month) are swarming on the Internet, and it is that there is plenty of material for jokes on social networks, although this does not take away what has happened.