For 4 euros, you have a legendary RPG that was measured with Skyrim itself and is the obsession of our writing

While we’re used to seeing Japanese RPGs as turn-based and anime-inspired, sometimes Japanese creatives draw inspiration from Western medieval fantasy to bring us real gems. This is the case of Dragon’s Dogma, one of the best role playing games of action ever made and that you can have for a ridiculous price.

Created by the boss of the Devil May Cry saga, Hideaki Itsuno, this open world title brings you a fantasy setting full of mythological creatures: from terrible hydras even powerful dragonsthere is a huge roster of creatures that will test your combat skills.

With a price of 29.99 euros, during the next few days you can get Dragon’s Dogma for only 4.79 euros, counting on 84% discount. This is part of a string of offers that Capcom is carrying out on Steam, among which you will also have a large number of games on sale.

The Dark Arisen edition of Dragon’s Dogma is the only one to come to PC, and It has the DLC of the game., in addition to other improvements. In general, you have around 100 hours of more than enjoyable content. If you like RPGs and want a different experience, it is a highly recommended experience.

For 1 euro, you have a complete saga of strategy legends on PC (and the best games produced in Spain)

These discounts will be available Until next monday, so you have this week to decide whether to get Dragon’s Dogma, and even if you want to bring more Capcom titles to your library. Of course, there are a number of interesting games that I recommend you take a look at.