For 1 hour this game returned to Steam after 7 years of exile, and if you bought it you have a real rarity

Steam games are not eternal. It must be taken into account that on many occasions it is the development companies and publishers that make the decision to make one of their games disappear, either because they are going to close it, if it is online, or they cannot pay for the license. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows was one of those games. However, the Activision game magically reappeared yesterday on Steam, appeared for sale out of nowhere7 years later and it was deleted minutes later.

This Ninja Turtles game hit the market in 2013 and was sold as a return to the origins of these adolescent reptiles, but above all to follow the wave of releases of that adaptation that came a year later. A jewel not because of the quality, but because it has disappeared from all over the internet, at least legally, and those who got hold of it yesterday in the 60 minutes that it was available again, have a game that since 2017 completely disappeared.

We don’t know what happened with the game or why it has been available again for just 1 hour, and then the option for sale to the public is eliminated. If we look back 6 years, there was no compelling reason for Activision to throw away the game, so we can intuit that renting the license from Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures it was too expensive to keep the game going.

But what about the game itself? The truth is that it happened without glory, but with great sorrow. On Metacritic, the game earned a Metascore of 38, while player feedback did not exceed 5 out of 10. Many highlighted how combat basicsand the almost empty essence of some turtles that won the hearts of many in the 80s and 90s.

Steam has removed another game this week

Of course, this is not the only goodbye on the Valve platform. Surprisingly, and although many didn’t even remember it, Dying Light: Bad Blood disappeared forever from the database after 5 years without making much noise. The game barely maintained a stable player base above 10 returning users.

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