For 1 euro, you have a complete saga of strategy legends on PC (and the best games produced in Spain)

Our video game industry has also brought true legendary gems to the medium. Of all the names that have been produced in Spain, without a doubt the most legendary is that of the Commandos saga, a series of authentic essentials for PC. If you want to have these great games in your library, today I bring you an offer that leaves them for you cheap price.

With 4 of the best PC games to his credit, his most decorated titles are Behind Enemy Lines, Beyond the Call of Duty, Brave Men and Destino Berlin, and today you can get these 4 glorious classics made in Spain for only 1 euro.

If you go to Steam in search of these titles, you will see that there is no discount. The package costs 14.99 euros, a reasonable price for four of the best Spanish video games, but certainly far from the euro that I have promised you. Do not despair, because I am here to tell you how to take advantage of this piece of discount, and best of all, you can take advantage of it on the Valve platform.

In the Fanatical Commandos Collection offer, you can get all these games for just 1 euro. All titles are available to be activated on Steam, and will be they will stay in your library no exceptions once you redeem them. Don’t worry, because this store is not a gray market platform, but an official distributor authorized by the game publisher.

It looks ordinary, but it's incredible: today only, get one of the most legendary shooters ever made at an unbeatable price

Of course, now it’s time to talk about deadlines. As you already know, nothing lasts forever, and even less with the offers. If you want to take advantage of this chunk of discount and get your hands on some of the best strategy games ever, you have 2 weeks to seize the opportunity. There is plenty of time to think about it, although, for this price, it is almost better to let yourself go and be sure that you have taken advantage of a great bargain.