Final Fantasy XVI disappoints PC players, and its producer explains why we must be patient

One of the biggest video game releases not coming to PC this year is, without a doubt, Final Fantasy XVI. Square Enix’s RPG is his new big bet, and he has an elite cast after its creation. For PC fans, there was hope that the exclusivity period with PS5 was only 6 months, but today we have some bad news: we will have to wait even longer to enjoy it.

The news comes from the hand of Naoki Yoshida himself (or Yoshi-P), producer of the title and also in charge of Final Fantasy XIV. And it is that, after several embargoes on the new RPG were lifted, the creative and visible face of the project dropped by the Japanese PlayStation blog to talk about his new creation.

Without confirming that the title will come to our platform, he did say that creating a version to match in the period of half a year would be impossible given the complexity of the game. Yes, it is true that it is not closed to launching it on our platform, and we can continue to be optimistic with that fact, but the reality is that we will have to wait longer than we thought.

While this is certainly a shock to fans of the series (including myself), it’s also proof that Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit III team is serious about bringing us a quality experience, and not a port removed in any way that is later full of problems. Even so, it is time to psych yourself up for the bad news.

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