Final Fantasy XIV gives away one of its expansions for a limited time, and so you can get it

Final Fantasy XIV continues to give war 10 years later, and more if we count that its 4 expansions that have given the game a spectacular life. Its latest expansion broke with everything and everyone, but Square Enix’s MMO wants to remain a benchmark and far from its next updates, the Japanese offer free and for a limited time stormblood expansion.

The second expansion, dated 2017, cannot be purchased separately, but is always bundled with the next, newest DLC. Even so, if you only have the base edition of the game, Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition, and you don’t want to upgrade to more, you can expand the content with this one. promotion.

During the offer period, you’ll be able to add Stormblood to your account for free by getting it from participating retailers. Once redeemed, Stormblood will be registered to your account forever. From Square Enix they do not speak of a test, but of a full expansion redemptionso that users come out winning.

Of course, as they comment from the official page, it will be necessary to pay the subscription of the FF14 payment service to play this expansion and the base game, but that is already something that the community knows. And it is that, today, the game requires an initial payment to access the base game and then a monthly subscription.

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The expansion is available from today, March 27, until the next May 8 at 4:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). To get it, you must go to the Square Enix Store and select said Stormblood expansion. If you already have a more updated version of the game, there is no bonus in this regard, it is a promotion focused on new players or those who have not made the leap to the MMO for a long time.

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