Europe will say “yes, I want” to the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft

The Activision Blizzard purchase On the part of Microsoft it is being a journey that we would not be surprised if it were ever adapted. There are so many comings and goings, jerks and bad news that I would not stop being a thriller striking. Of course, there is also room for happy moments, or at least good news, and that is that the European Union goes against UK and say “yes, I do” to the billionaire purchase.

It seemed that the house of cards that the Redmonds were building around the purchase of a business giant like Activision Blizzard was going to fall apart when the United Kingdom decided do not support this business movement. The British argued that such an agreement, with Microsoft boasting IPs like Call of Duty and its Cloud Gaming, would prevent British gamers from using all available cloud gaming options.

Much has been discussed since then about the motivations of the English, but the EU has made the opposite decision. As reported by Reuters, it will be the next week when the antitrust regulators of the European Union sign the yes to the purchase worth 69,000 million dollars.

Of course, the Reuters medium assumes that this “yes” does not mean a kind of slap on the wrist for the United Kingdom, almost as if they wanted to swim against the current. The Anglo-Saxon media has related sources that the decision was made on last march when Microsoft approved certain license agreements with competitors in the field of cloud gaming.

What lies ahead for Microsoft?

The colleagues of 3DJuegos advanced last April, after the refusal of the United Kingdom, that those of Redmond would appeal this decision before the Competition Appeal Court of the United Kingdom. Although to “fight” against England, Microsoft has made the decision to hire the lawyer who defeated the EU in competition cases, USA is another one very hard nut to crack. At the end of 2022, he sued Microsoft with a view to blocking the purchase, and a judgment will be handed down in early 2024.

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