Epic Games risks with an ambitious, powerful and radical change, and I fear that it will backfire

Since its opening, the Epic Games store had a huge difference compared to Steam. When launching your game on it, it was necessary have an editor to be able to use the platform and sell your video game on it. Now, as the company announced a few minutes ago, that just changed. Of course, there will be conditions and consequences for everyone.

And it is that if you look at the catalog of the two stores, Epic Games has far fewer small games to his credit. Without the possibility of self-publishing on its virtual storefront, smaller independent developers did not have access to be able to promote themselves in the controversial trade, and that is why Epic has decided to open its doors to all this talent.

With this in mind, yes, there is several requirements to meet, and among them we can find some that, honestly, I can imagine that will make the fish tank space better than it is. For starters, multiplayer titles must have crossplay. among all pc storesthus not separating communities as happens with some cases with Steam and Game Pass, for example.

Other less relevant requirements include the need for all titles released from today must have achievements if these are present on other platforms, thus avoiding cases such as the controversial Ubisoft releases on Steam, which were criticized for not including the achievements that Ubisoft Connect does have.

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While all of this is generally good news, it exposes the Epic Games Store to the major problem that Steam has: low-quality games. When Valve killed the process green light, we saw how a large number of titles flooded the digital storefront. To this day, that is my biggest complaint with Valve’s platform, something that Epic wanted to avoid at first, but which seems to have been put aside in pursuit of expanding its catalog and being more accessible to developers.