E3 2023 reveals the date of its conferences, although the lack of big brands continues to weigh on it like never before

If you thought that 2023 is being a turbulent year with a ton of releases, wait until summer arrives and the great announcement season begins. E3 is back this year, though he does not have them all with him to be able to have your usual success. Despite this, he does not give up, and today he has confirmed when the digital event that we will all be pending will begin.

And it is that, despite the fact that the event returns both digitally and physically, as players on the other side of the pond (and globally), eyes are on their conferences that can be seen digitally. ReedPop and the ESAthe two organizations behind the event, know it, and today they already let us mark the beginning of these talks on our calendar.

Despite the fact that for many the physical event is the opportunity to test the video games that are to come, the conferences are the true essence of E3, and now we know that these will start on June 11. called the E3 Digital Weekwe will have several days that will accommodate digital events such as the Future Games Show, PC Gaming Show, Guerrilla Collective and Black Voices in Gaming.

Even so, we still need to see what the plans of the other companies are. We already know that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will not be part of the ESA and ReedPop event. On the one hand, those from Redmond have opted for their own conference that will culminate in a in-depth look at Starfield.

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We know that Ubisoft, for its part, will be present, but we still have many big names to reveal what their plans are for then. We have 3 months to receive news, and the hegemony of E3 is also being severely threatened by the Summer Game Fest that will take place on June 8.