Dungeons & Dragons rescues 8 of its classic PC games, and you are especially in luck if you are a fan of Dragonlance

While it is true that interest in D&D has skyrocketed in recent years, the franchise has spent decades creating legendary stories in all media. The video game was not going to be for less, and there are decades and decades of titles in its legacy. Now, 8 games that seemed lost have been reborn and are coming to Steam and GOG.

And it is that the history of RPGs on PC is a very, very long one and full of authentic jewels that, with the passage of time, have been forgotten. Little by little we are bringing back the Dungeons & Dragons games that defined an era. Last year we got the D&D Gold Box on Steam, and in 2023 we will have another compilation.

The Silver Box contains another 8 titles based on the legendary role-playing franchise that is driving the entire world crazy. These are not leading titles, but are classics of late 80’s and early 90’sone of the most important times not only for PC video games, but for Wizards of the Coast and its brand.

The list of games that the retro pack contains is as follows:

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As for its release date and price, we still do not have all the data about it. We know that SNEG, the publisher of the package plans to release it at the end of this month, with what would be within the next two weeks. As for the price, we do not have data, and we will have to wait for its premiere to find out.